Business Podcast Possibilities

Ever wonder if a podcast might help your company reach its audience? Like having your own radio show, the iTunes-fueled recording can spread the word about your business and build brand awareness in a powerful way, even with a small or nonexistent marketing budget.

The key? Timing and format. “It’s very important to release a podcast consistently,” says Mignon Fogatry, host of Grammar Girl’s Quick ‘n’ Dirty Tips podcast. “One of the advantages to a podcast is that people can download it and listen whenever they want. If they like it, they’ll make it a part of their day.”

“All of the Quick ‘n’ Dirty Tips shows follow the same format. We’ve established a brand. When people see one of our products, they know what to expect.”

All you need is a microphone, audio recording software and these instructions to set up your first podcast. Plus, Podblaze and Podstrike offer free podcast-hosting services.

Avoid using an outline so you sound more natural, decide on topics related to your business and build a backlog before going live, suggests

Small Business Trends lists the top 100 podcasts for small business owners, from Pamela Slim’s Escape from Cubicle Nation to Adrienne Graham’s Views from the Top.

By Caroline Stewart

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