Caught Breaking The Rules Of The Road? Here’s What To Do

This article may be a little odd, however, getting caught breaking the law is always frightening, even if it’s just a road rule that you have crossed. And… let’s be honest — as busy buinesswomen, sometimes our minds get reoccupied, especially when we’re behind the wheel. Imagine, driving along the road when suddenly, you see flashing lights in the mirror. Do you pull over straight away, or do you keep driving? You start to panic. Is it even safe to stop? It’s all starting to get quite complicated, and you can feel sweat dripping down your neck. Maybe it’s a routine check, but then you did have that glass of wine at lunch. Were you swerving? Before you know it, you’re imagining a scenario where you’re put in a prison cell. It’s ridiculous of course. If you don’t know what you’ve done, the most you’ll get is a fine. But that doesn’t stop your panic going into overdrive. The most important thing is that you know your rights when you’re pulled over.

Rights In Road Arrest
First, you can not be searched when you’re pulled over on the side of the road by someone of the opposite sex. You have the right to request they wait until another officer arrives. You might think this means there’s more of a chance of an officer responding negatively, but that’s unlikely. It’s just a right that you have, and it makes some people feel less awkward.

Another right that you have is to stop at a place that you feel safe or comfortable. You don’t  have to pull over at the first place it is safe to stop. Particularly, if there are no cars around. You can wait until there is a rest stop where there is more people. This is particularly important if you have an unmarked car signaling to pull you over. There’s no guarantee that the car is actually the police. There have been numerous incident where drivers have impersonated the police for criminal activities.

Finally, be aware that a police officer can only arrest you if they catch you breaking the law on the road. That’s why cops chase after speeding cars and don’t just ring up the driver after running the license. If you have broken the law, were seen by the police and they didn’t stop you, you got away with it.

Don’t Answer Questions Before They Ask
It’s important that you don’t try and answer questions before the police have asked you. For instance, you shouldn’t tell them that you have had a glass of wine. For all you know, they’ve stopped you because your tail light is out and they aren’t even aware you have been drinking. Firms like Scheiner Law provides DWI attorneys you can rely on, and they will tell you not to admit to drinking unless you’re being charged. This is true for any road crime. You don’t want to admit to a crime, unless you know they have evidence of it. Otherwise, you’re just incriminating yourself for no reason.

Be Polite And Stay Calm
Finally, it’s important that you don’t completely freak out. If you remain calm, are respectful and polite, you’ll probably only get a warning. Particularly, if this is your first offense.

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