Why You Should Seek Legal Help if Caught Speeding

Speed cameras are great; I just learned it’s believed they save at least 100 lives each year by deterring drivers from speeding in the first instance and also leading to repeat offenders being banned.

There is a downside, however, there are so many cameras now that drivers are getting caught out for lapses of concentration that don’t – and probably wouldn’t under most circumstances – lead to accidents.

This growth in the number of cameras has led to many drivers being caught out and landed with Fixed Penalty Notices and points on their licences; some they possibly don’t really deserve. These points can make life unnecessarily difficult for people, especially if they have a previously spotless record, as they can lead to higher insurance premiums and even to unemployment. If you feel you’re being unfairly punished, you can always get help from a driving offence solicitor company.

Lawyers can also help if you were significantly over the speed limit. If you already have points on your licence for speeding, or for other driving offences, then good legal help is especially important. You might feel that your only option is to accept the judgement of the court and to take your punishment. Even in this situation though, you need and deserve legal help to make sure you get a fair hearing and a fair punishment. Your lawyers aren’t there to judge you, they’re there to make sure you’re handled fairly and that you get the best outcome while still recognizing that you may have done wrong.

It may be that you were the victim of a set of really unfortunate circumstances, or you may be about to be banned under the totting-up system (you have accrued 12 points within three years). Alternatively, you may be a new driver and you’ve collected six points in two years, which also means a totting-up ban. If you feel “hard done by”, or even if you accept you were breaking the law, you still need someone in your corner when you go to court.

Solicitors understand the nuances of the law. Unless you’re a lawyer yourself, you probably have no real idea about how complex the laws can be and so when you face the courts after being caught speeding, you won’t stand a chance! No one is saying you’ll be sent to a dungeon to live on bread and water for years, but you could end up with a lengthy ban and have to rely on public transport for your commute. You could have to pay a hefty fine and court costs, too.

If you have a good legal team behind you that can spot inconsistencies in the prosecution case, or can see omissions or mistakes in police procedure, then you could have your case dismissed completely.

Even if your case isn’t dismissed, you could find your lawyers can reduce the term of your ban and the size of your fine. Six months on a crowded bus is easier to handle than a year, right? Or better yet, we simply shouldn’t speed… even if we’re late to a meeting.

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