2020 Testimonials ~ 16 Consecutive Years of World-Class Events

“Thoroughly enjoyable and a fantastic panel! This has become a game-changer for me.”

“Thank you to the amazing panelists for the great knowledge and inspiring messages and thank you @PINK for hosting the event!”

“What a wonderful event!”

“What an incredible group of women to hear from, thank you for organizing this AND for streaming it!”

“Once again…great job PINK!”

“Thank you for all the words of wisdom!”


“Fantastic panel. Thank you all for your time and giving us such great advice!”

“This was so inspiring and refreshing.”

“The panelists and facilitators were outstanding!”

“Best ending to a week, thanks for the inspiration and motivation”

“Very thoughtful conversation.”

“Great discussion – happy to be a part of this.”

“Thank you for this refreshing dialogue!”

“Excellent conference!”

“Thank you from Noosh at The Home Depot. Great advice”

“I have been deeply inspired. Thank you everyone!!”

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