3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, millions of Americans gather around the table for Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, it falls just short of the top spot at number two on America’s list of favorite holidays, according to Harris Interactive.

But, these days, it’s not all about turkey. Non-traditional meals are more prevalent – and family traditions are becoming more unique.

Michelle Gannon, mom of three and founder of the Language Playground, and her family do not wait until Thanksgiving to start thinking about the things they’re thankful for. On November 1, they begin their yearly tradition of building a tree of thanks.

“Every day the kids get a leaf and they write something on it that they are thankful for and put it on the tree,” she tells PINK. “By the time we are done, the tree is filled up with all of the wonderful things we are thankful for.”

Carly Fauth, head of marketing, Money Crashers, spends her Thanksgiving evenings around a fire with her husband and son.

“We write everything we are thankful for on pieces of paper,” Fauth says. “Then, after we tell each other what we are thankful for we throw it into the fire.”

And, of course, they always follow up with s’mores.

Twenty years and counting, Jane Beard, president inVisible Light, practices a seemingly timeless tradition affectionately known as the Harvest Ritual.

“Everyone writes on a card what they are grateful for that year. Then, you turn it over and write what seeds you want to plant for the next year and seal it up with your name,” says Beard.

The next year they open the cards to see what happened. And, the guests who don’t make it the following year? She mails it to them.

Many of her guests end up adopting the tradition as their own.

“We can name about 30 other families who do this now,” she says. “It’s such a cool thing.”

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By L. Nicole Williams

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe

Photo credit: Michelle Gannon

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