5 Apps That Could Save Your Life

By Janelle Hail

Mobile phone apps save time. But they could save your life too!

Here are 5 health apps you need to get acquainted with now:

Beyond the Shock app

Beyond The Shock is an online educational resource for those affected by breast cancer so that they can gain a better understanding of the disease. People can learn about breast cancer through easy-to-understand educational videos, ask and answer questions about breast cancer in the online community, and hear inspirational stories from breast cancer survivors. It has recently been translated into multiple languages including French, Spanish, Mandarin and Portuguese.

Early Detection Plan (EDP) app

The survival rate for women who detect breast cancer in the early stages is 98%, and with the Early Detection Plan app, women are able to take control of their health. Created by NBCF, the EDP app is the first app of its kind that takes into account a woman’s age and health history to create a detection plan created specifically for them. This is an app that I personally use to help me set reminders about upcoming breast exams and mammograms. The user-friendly layout can be tailored to fit any women’s needs, and it’s free!

USA Today App

USA Today is one of the leading news sources in America and their app is a great resource that I use to stay up-to-date on health and breast cancer news. The health section on this app is constantly updated and the interface makes it easy to move from story to story. A great feature that I really love is the ability to share articles with family and friends who may find the information useful and relevant.

Dash Recipes (iPad app)

Dash Recipes is a great resource for fast, simple and healthy food recipes. I love being able to mix-it up and try new foods that will help my health. As a breast cancer survivor, my health is my number one priority and food is just as important. Not only is this app useful in keeping my meals fun and delicious, but it helps inspire me to try new things especially for holidays and family dinners.


WebMD has revolutionized how we think about health, treatment and drug use. With their mobile app I’m able to quickly look up symptoms and research medical information. It also lets you personalize your account and includes features like First Aid which can be easily accessed without a wireless connection for emergency situations. This app is also great in opening the line of communication with doctors as the patients are more informed about their health.

Janelle Hail, a 30-year breast cancer survivor, is the Founder & CEO of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (NBCF). In 1980, at the age of 34, Janelle was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. She survived the life threatening disease as a result of early detection.  Her diagnosis and survival ignited a passion in her to devote her life to educate women about early detection and to provide free mammograms for women who could not afford them.

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