5 Ways to Improve Employee Performance

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5 Ways to Improve Employee Performance

By Maria Truong

Employee performance is an issue concerning every organization. While a high employee-turnover rate can be costly to a business, so is having employees who don’t work up to their potential or have lackluster job performance.

Whether your employees work directly with customers or on the back end, it’s crucial that they meet company goals so the business can thrive.

Here are 5 ways to improve employee performance:

1. Change the Environment. Making sure the workplace environment is positive, goal-oriented and supportive will motivate employees. You can start by looking at what needs to be improved. Do your employees feel comfortable voicing their opinions and ideas? Do employees have a clear idea of what’s expected of them?

2. Improve Communication. Whether the boss isn’t listening to employees enough or isn’t providing feedback, there may be room for improvement in communication. Effective leaders know communicating well with employees means they can motivate them to do more.

3. Provide Training. Money invested in proper training and tools to do the job will be well worth the price. Look at it this way: when you invest in employees, they will invest more deeply in meeting the company’s goals.

4. Get Healthy. Obesity and health issues cost employers an estimated $73 billion or more per year in increased health care costs and lost productivity. Helping employees get, and stay, healthy will help improve productivity. One way to do that is to ensure there is access to healthy snack and food options in the workplace.

5. Share Goals. Employees will have a difficult time helping their employer reach business goals if they don’t know what they are. All businesses have goals for growth or service, and sharing them with their employees will likely motivate them to help the company reach its goals.

Maria Truong is the general manager of Fresh Healthy Vending.

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