6 Ways You Can Refresh Your Hair Care Routine?

Caring for your hair is challenging, particularly if you are suffering from hair loss. With hair loss in women and men becoming far more popular these days, a prevention plan should be put in place to achieve healthy hair all year round. In this article, we will be giving you 6 ways that you can revolutionise your hair care routine with outstanding results.

Remove Sulphates From Your Shampoo

One of the perfect ways to refresh your hair care routine is to remove the use of sulphates. If you have dry hair that is fine, it may be beneficial to reduce the use of sulphates or completely remove them as this can lead to the scalp becoming extremely dry. This is a result of the sulphates removing excess oil from the hair, making it ideal for those with an oily scalp but damaging for those that have a dry scalp.

Reduce The Use Of Dry Shampoo

It may also be beneficial to reduce the use of dry shampoo as this can reduce the amount of oxygen getting to the scalp. This can lead to irritation and common problems such as dandruff that can be harmful to the growth of your hair in the long term. By reducing your use of dry shampoo, you then allow the hair to breathe and for it to grow longer over time.

Deep Condition Every Week

In addition to reducing dry shampoo, it is crucial that you deep condition every week. This will not only help to retain moisture in your hair from root to tip, but it will also help to reduce split ends and keep your hair looking healthy for a significantly longer amount of time. There are a number of deep conditioning masks available with a number of different formulas, allowing you to find the perfect one for your hair type.

Wear A Hat

When caring for your hair, it is important that you wear a hat. This will not only help to protect against sun damage, but it will prevent your scalp from burning. This will help to protect the hair follicle to ensure that your hair is growing at the rate that it should be. Whether this is a wide-brimmed hat in the height of summer or a fedora for a formal event, this will help to protect your hair and maintain moisture in the lengths, particularly if you are looking to grow your hair.

Go Natural As Often As Possible

To protect your hair, it is important to reduce the amount of styling that you do with heat. Therefore, keeping your hair as natural as possible for as long as possible can help to maintain the health of your hair and maintain moisture. Using heated styling tools can lead to split ends and damage to the top of the scalp, therefore allowing your hair to air dry following a shower will help to lock in moisture, keeping your hair looking much healthier for longer.

Get Regular Haircuts

The final way that you can care for your hair is by having regular haircuts. Whether this is cutting layers into the hair or just trimming off the split ends, this will help to keep your hair stronger as you are allowing the healthy parts of the hair to grow and removing the dead weight. By removing the dead weight, you are then more likely to see natural wave occur with healthy-looking hair.

Whether you are looking to completely change your hair care routine, or you are looking to make a few simple changes, there are a number of tips and tricks out there to keep your hair looking healthy all year round.

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