A Journey Into Wellbeing?

It’s no secret – making time for your health now can save you from a multitude of health-related issues in the future. The problem for most working women? There aren’t enough hours in the day.

study done at The Ohio State University and based on data from the American Time Use Survey found that women dedicate only one hour on average to personal fitness and meal preparation.

After 15 years working a 60-hour weeks and raising two children as a single parent, Debra Koerner, executive producer and host of Journey into Wellbeing, realized her own health was suffering.

“The external stressors in my life were starting to take a toll,” she says.

Koerner explains, too much time at work and not enough on eating right and staying fit left her with a variety of minor complaints, which prompted a visit to her doctor.

“I left the doctor’s office with multiple prescriptions and realized that I didn’t just want to use medicine to mask the problems; I needed to start forming healthier habits,” says Koerner.

Her personal journey transformed into a passion that then led to the concept for her television show.

She encourages working women to explore different health opportunities in whatever city their work takes them. She recommends using sites like Groupon to try a variety of fitness activities without the financial or time commitment that a membership might require.

“When you’re pressed for time, instinct tells you to grab something quick and easy, which probably means prepackaged and processed,” she says. “Take time to prepare meals or snacks in advance to avoid the grab-and-go. If you do have to eat on the go, remember that fruits and veggies are ‘prepackaged’ in their skins so they are just as easy to take with you.”

Instead of trading healthy meal preparation time for physical activity, Koerner suggests women work extra fitness into spare moments throughout their day.

“Working women spend many hours at their desks.” She says suggests finding quick, 10-minute workouts on YouTube as a way to work in physical activity into an otherwise sedentary day.

Comment: Do you have tips for focusing on nutrition and fitness despite a busy schedule? Share them here.

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By Meghan Miranda

“A [wo]man’s health can be judged by which she takes two at a time – pills or the stairs.” Joan Welsh

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