Amanda Gorecki Found a Work/Life Balance by Incorporating Her Daughter Into Her Skin Care Company

As we all struggle to find the elusive work/life balance, most of us feel like we just don’t quite get it right. One skin care executive found a way to incorporate her family into her business. And the results are glowing.

As the owner of the Wichita-KS-based destination med-spa Healing Waters, Amanda Gorecki constantly heard from patients who were unhappy with their skin. She herself had struggled with acne and breakouts throughout her teens and was starting to see the wrinkles and brown spots she had earned from too many years bathing in the sun.

Knowing that what goes into products matter, she developed the Pure MD skin care line with the highest quality ingredients that she wanted to put on her own skin. She studied the science and enlisted a team of chemists to formulate products that were gentle enough for everyday use and had the proven scientific capability to reduce premature skin aging, refine skin texture, diminish hyperpigmentation, reduce redness, minimize breakouts and improve fine lines and wrinkles

Thrilled with the success of her brand, Amanda also felt guilty because it took time away from her family. On top of that, her teenage daughter Ireland was struggling with her own skin care problems. This inspired Amanda to develop the Pure MD Teen Line, a business that she can share with Ireland, who is also the face of the company.

As they travel this summer for family vacations and Pure MD photo shoots, the Goreckis share their three summer essentials for every travel bag, beach bag or briefcase, especially during the sunny summer months. All you need is a serum, toner and eye cream. Here are their favorites:

Triple Threat
Acting like a real-life Fountain of Youth, this powerhouse antioxidant serum combines three forms of Vitamin C + Vitamin E to reduce fine lines, strengthen collagen, brighten skin and smooth skin texture while guarding against oxidative stress. Triple Threat should be used in the daytime and again in the evening if you have been out in the sun. Studies suggest that UV damage continues for hours after being exposed to the sun, so an afternoon application has positive antioxidant benefits.  

Youth Fusion
This hydrating, anti-aging toner boosts moisture levels and helps maintain an ideal pH balance. Youth Fusion is packed with antioxidants that are excellent for dry or delicate skin in a recovery phase.

High EyeQ
As we squint more in the summer, we need to protect our eye area from forming signs of aging and damage, especially since the skin around our eyes is 10x thinner than other areas of our face. High EyeQ is formulated with flourish f(x) specifically for the delicate eye area to prevent, correct and protect against visible signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, eye bags and dark circles. Combine this with your oversized sunglasses and wide-brimmed sun hat to pack a powerful punch against the scorching summer sun.

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