Attention Store owners! You Only Have 7 Weeks Left to Hit Your Goals for 2013!

Will you end in the GREEN or RED?

Running a store can be super stressful during this time of the year but you can make it fun with the right approach. Here are 5 quick tips to help you maximize your sales, give back to the community, and enjoy the season without letting this holiday pass you by.


Ensure your store layout promotes easy shopping, conversation, quality service, and easy add-ons from your team to your customers.

When I opened my first resale store, a good friend of mine, Anita, came to visit and advised me to move my checkout counter to the left hand side of the store to boost sales. Needless to say, sales doubled instantly.  Be sure that customers have a clearly defined shopping path that circulates the store and allows for easy shopping. Your jewelry items and other accessories, will do very well near checkout, as it will be easy for your team to suggest last minute add-ons.


I say this over and over again because it will save you time. Women are visual. We love to see things creatively put together. Take time to add lights to your window to attract more traffic at night and add a wow factor near your entrance. First impressions count in your store as well. Make them stop and notice. This will have a direct impact on the pace in which they shop. None of us want to miss out on a hot item or a hot deal when we are surrounded with amazing visuals everywhere we look. Few stores take the time to do this, but it could have an immediate impact on your bottom-line and the customer’s experience. 


Women love jewelry! Even if you have a furniture store, salon, or spa you should really consider adding a jewelry display near your checkout counter! One of the highest profit margin categories in the retail industry, you simply can’t afford not to have a nice display of jewelry. Warning: Be sure to have a full selection on your display or in your case. No one likes to shop left over’s. Make it look nice with a nice fabric underneath the case. Black velvet is always nice but you can get creative also.


This time of year can be so busy that you may not get a chance to interact as much with your customers. Make this a priority no matter what is going on. Your customers are the reason you are still around. Take time to listen, engage, and give them a nice compliment or two. Take time to notice the small things. You never know what someone is going through and they will appreciate the genuine service. Word of mouth is the best marketing and great service is rare these days. Be sure to ask your customers to help you spread the word and send others your way. This works very well, especially with the power of social media! Make sure you are connected.


Store owners, Salons, and other brick and mortar businesses must give people a reason to get in their car and drive to your location. With the world of e-commerce, traditional business models have it tougher than ever. You also have an advantage. Use your location as a gathering space. Use it to educate them on a topic they care about. Feature a local expert. Serve refreshments. Highlight your shoppers. Get creative. Use this time to have fun and connect with your community. Host a clothing drive and allow people to stop in and drop them off in your store. Giving people a new reason to stop by, rather than a boring 10% off sale, will boost your foot traffic and add a little cheer.

There are endless ways to increase your results this holiday but you can not get lost in the weeds. Do yourself a favor, take a break and take a day to review your plan and work your muscle. 2014 will be here in a blink! For more tips, be sure to visit my site and consider joining my newsletter.

Happy Holiday!

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Tierra Destiny Reid is known for thinking outside of the box! With over 15 years in the retail industry, Tierra has a unique approach that combines best practice corporate strategies with small business customer service and relationships.  She is the President Of TDR Brands International and holds the position of Executive Director for The Retail Campus™, continuing education for retail storeowners, retail vendors, and aspiring retail and fashion entrepreneurs.   Once a year she hosts the Design Your Destiny Conference for Women, which combines her love for education and empowering entrepreneurs. In her spare time she loves traveling with her family and says the Grand Canyon tops all of her trips to date, including international vacations, because of the magnitude and depth of its beauty and spiritual essence.


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