Back Into the Fold

Putting your career on hold to be a stay-at-home mom can weaken many women’s confidence when re-entering the workforce. But in reality, your time out from the professional world is a leadership experience – just in a different form.

Here are a few tips to help you express confidence in your choice and be self-assured as you re-enter the workforce:

Consider going back to school. This option isn’t for everyone, but there are numerous benefits such as updating career skills, adding a degree or certification, accessing job listings and networking.

If you like the idea but can’t make the commitment, join your university’s alumni association. Both routes offer new opportunities to help fill the gaps and elevate your resume.

Remember to account for the gap in your resume.

Focus on what matters. When searching for a job, remember to account for the gap in your resume. Update your resume to include relevant volunteer experience (such as “increased contributions at a fundraising event by 50%”), but avoid fillers (“volunteered at East Farms Elementary School”).

If there is no explanation other than stay-at-home parent (which is OK!), consider obtaining some relevant volunteer experience or registering for business classes before looking for a job.

Be confident! Instead of focusing on your “mommy break” – briefly mention it if you must – center the conversation on the impressive work you’ve done and the initiatives you’ve taken to re-enter the workforce since that time.

You’ll be back into the fold before you know it!

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By Allison O’Kelly

Allison O’Kelly is founder/CEO of Mom Corps, a national professional staffing firm with a focus on flexible work. Follow at @MomCorps and @AllisonOKelly.

“We are coming down from our pedestal and up from the laundry room.” Bella Abzug

Image Shutterstock: Sergey Nivens

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