Benefits of Investing in Health & Safety Training for Your Business

One of the challenges that companies have faced over the years is workplace injuries. Consider the following three statistics. Firstly, according to the Health and Safety Executive UK, 137 workers in Great Britain were killed at work in 2016/17. Additionally, in the same period, 92 members of the public were killed in work-related activities. Secondly, according to Statista, roughly 5.5 million days were lost in 2016/17 as a result of workplace-related injuries in Britain

In the light of these statistics, it is evident that companies need to invest in health & safety training courses for their employees. While training doesn’t guarantee that accidents won’t happen, it can play a big role in reducing the numbers. Below are some of the reasons why as a business owner you should ensure that everyone in your company is thoroughly equipped with health and safety knowledge.

Reduce Number of Accidents
Training can reduce the number of accidents in three ways. One, it equips the employees with the knowledge they require to stay safe as they go on with their day to day activities. When workers are aware of the measures in place and the role they should play, they will be keener to maintain a safe work environment.

Two, when there is an emergency, the employees will know how to respond to avoid and minimize damage and injuries. Finally, knowledgeable workers will be able to identify and highlight any risk factors they encounter in the workplace. This will ensure that the risks are handled on time. Injuries can cause lots of pain and suffering to the affected and their families and thus it is important to have all measures in place to avoid them.

Increased Productivity
When the employees are equipped with safety skills, they will be more comfortable and confident in the workplace and this boosts their productivity. As a result of the high productivity, you will have better output and this will boost the profitability of your company.

Employee Loyalty and Satisfaction
When you make an effort to contribute to the wellness of your employees, they will feel appreciated. This motivates them to serve your company better and it also boosts their loyalty. Workers are less likely to leave employment or look for jobs in other companies when they have an employer who looks out for their needs.

Additionally, when you have invested heavily in the safety of your employees, your company is more likely to attract the good workers. This is especially common in the industries with high risk.

Reduced Costs for the Company
Workplace accidents can be costly for the company. In addition to caring for the injured, the company will also incur legal fees and fines. The insurer may cover most of the expenses, but some may be excluded. Additionally, in some cases, you may be expected to prove that you had measures in place to prevent the accident.

The hours the injured employee spends away from work will also be an additional expense to the company. When the employee leaves work permanently, you will spend more money on recruiting and training new employees. Additionally, there could be a disruption in the work activities as investigations on the accident are being carried out. It may take some time to get through the legal processes, make repairs and get things back to normal. During this period, the company will have lost lots of business.

The compensation claims can also be a big blow to the company, especially in cases where it is proven that the employer did not do enough to safeguard the wellness of the employees. Through health and safety training, you can reduce or avoid these accident-related costs, and in case of an accident, the company will be free from any guilt.

Legal Requirement
For some industries, health and safety training is mandatory. In such cases, the company is expected to train and pass an inspection. Failure to do so means serious fines are imposed.

However, even where specific training is not mandatory, all employers have the duty to provide the employees with information and instructions necessary to promote health and safety in the workplace. They also have a duty to ensure that the work environment is safe for everyone on the premises, including visitors.

Therefore, regardless of whether or not it’s a requirement by the law, such training should be considered as a necessity for the well being of the employees and employers. Since the employer is responsible for the safety of the employees, they will be held accountable whenever there is a workplace accident. Thus, make it a priority in your company.

Reduce Premiums
Health and safety training courses can be used as a basis for negotiating a lower premium with your insurance company. When everyone has been trained how to stay safe, the risks of accidents will be lower, and so will the claims to the insurance companies. While training does not guarantee that you won’t make any claims, the insurer is likely to give you better rates when they know you have done your best to prevent bad incidents.

Demonstrate to the Public That You Are a Responsible Company
Employees normally share their work experiences with outsiders. Thus, if you are treating them well, they will pass good words to others and this portrays you as a responsible company. However, when you have not invested in safety and your employees face frequent injuries, your company will get negative publicity. Remember, negative publicity spreads faster than positive publicity. An accident where you are proven to be negligent can ruin the reputation of the company that you worked so hard to build.

However, your main motivating factor when investing in the training courses for your employees should not be to build the image of your company. It should be done for the health and well-being your employees and any individual who come to your work premises. The positive publicity that comes from that is just a secondary benefit.

Regardless of the size and the nature of your company, you should consider investing in health and safety training for you and all your employees. Some companies forgo the training due to the cost involved, only to end up in serious trouble later. The training fee is only a small expense that can reduce accidents which injure workers and bring big losses to companies. Therefore, don’t take the risks – get your health and safety training courses booked today.

When taking a course, consider one that covers general information as well as the specific needs of your industry. Also, ensure that you get both information and on-the-job training.

Some of the topics covered under the training include general laws, policies and procedures governing health and safety in the workplace, how to identify hazards, how to report any identified hazards, safety precautions for using machinery and other equipment in the workplace, how to respond when there is an accident and best practices to stay safe while at work among others. In addition to the initial training, the employees should be given refresher courses after some time. Additionally, you should organize training when introducing new equipment or processes and when changing job roles for your employees.

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