Boost Business at Home

The economy may be improving, but many businesses are still cutting back on employee benefits.

For businesses, small and large, travel and entertainment and expense budgets have been reduced, leaving some employees to entertain clients in-home.

Is it time for you to dust the china you haven’t used in years?

Debra Shigley, host and executive producer of Deb’s Kitchen, serves up advice for hosting clients at home.

Clean up, but don’t stress yourself out over perfection, Shigley advises.

Decluttering top to bottom is most important. Clutter is negatively associated with procrastination and the inability to commit to work or relationships.

“It takes some chutzpah to have a dinner party for your client with toys sprinkled about or the family dog running around, but remember that being bold is good for your career all around,” she says.

“All you need is a few vases of fresh flowers, filled with dozen-stem mono arrangements of hydrangeas, roses or peonies, to make the place show-worthy.”

And, when it comes to the menu? Keep it simple.

Shigley opts for homemade – unless, you’re cooking skills aren’t up to par? A personal touch is always appreciated.

“Stay away from recipes you’ve never tried,” she suggests.

If you feel inclined to try something new, do a dry run for family or friends.

“But, it’s definitely better to stick with your signature dishes,” Shigley adds. “I think every professional woman needs to have a signature entree she can prepare and simple appetizer or side dish that are proven crowd pleasers.”

What should you do if you’re an “awful, awful” cook who has to order in?

“Fess up,” says Shigley.

It never hurts to give the local bakery kudos for their amazing desserts.

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Have you ever entertained a client in your home?

By L. Nicole Williams

Nicole is the Editor at Little PINK Book. Follow her on Twitter @iamnicwill.

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