Romance Your Career

Whether romance is on your mind (or on your nerves) this Valentine’s Day, whether your single or married, you may want to dust off those dating techniques. Why? They could help your career.

That’s according to Nicole Williams, author of Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success. “They’re both driven by human nature and relationship building, the principles of attraction and sustaining interest. If you give away your milk (which, in career terms, is your talent), people become accustomed to your low expectations, and you’ll earn less.” Play hard to get? “Sure, you want to express interest in a job interview, but if you reek of desperation, why would they hire you? Positioning yourself as in demand intrigues people.” And have a life outside work. “You need to do something outside of work to bring energy and new ideas back to the office.”

Williams offers more “dating” tips to give you a career boost in this ABC News video and article. Plus, click here take her quiz to see how you rate.

Got the career part down but could use some dating acumen? Check out Find a Husband After 35: (Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School).

eHarmony and Forbes offer dating advice for highly successful professional women.

Bonus PINK Link: Check out co-worker dating rules from PINK’s CEO on CNN.

By Muriel Vega

“The actual date experience is the most exciting and enjoyable time … when
anything can happen, and you decide what comes next.”
Leah & Elina Furman

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