Building Trust at Work

You’ve built your company from the ground up, so it’s hard sometimes to trust your team to do what’s best for your business. But remember – they are part of your winning formula, and mutual trust is essential. The fact is 48 percent of employees don’t fully trust their employer and 46 percent say it’s due to a lack of communication from company leadership, according to 2010 Deloitte Ethics survey. What can we do?

“Mutual trust is absolutely key to running a successful company,” Shama Kabani, president of online firm The Marketing Zen Group, tells PINK. “The best way to build trust is to make small commitments and honor them. If you can build trust with the little things, trust for the big stuff follows automatically.”

Within the office, instead of monetary goals, focus on client relationships, transparency, collaboration among co-workers and most of all, develop strong relationships with your employees to encourage trust, says

As a manager, never go back on your promises, always let people know what you stand for and be consistent in your actions, advises Associated Content

You need your customers to trust you, too. In the current economic climate, consumers are skeptical about bargains. BusinessWeek suggests offering testimonials, data and warranties to back up your products.

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By Muriel Vega

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
Ernest Hemingway

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