Business Benefits From A Little Emotion

A lot of people have the wrong impression of emotion in business. They think that emotion and professionalism are diametrically opposed. However, not only can they live together, but they can take your business to brand new heights. They can make you more productive, more profitable, and more beloved by the community. Here, we’re going to look at why injecting a little emotion, both in your branding and how you run the business, can be just the stimulant your business needs.

It makes a more effective message. It’s something you see all too often. The bright, loud message that a business depends on for its branding is generic, bare-bones, and even boring. A simple message, telling people what you do for them, is good on paper. Until you realize there are other businesses offering the exact same message. If you want more effective marketing techniques, get to the core of what you’re offering. Emotions influence buying a lot more than an objective look at how much we need a product or service. Think of the emotional value a product has and the ripples it has in the life of a consumer. Is it a clothing line that helps them fulfill a certain lifestyle? Is it a service to businesses that takes some of the pressure of a busy workload from their shoulders, allowing them to achieve success? Make that the story of the brand.

It creates fans, not just customers. If you want to see just how important emotional impact can be, just look at how Apple started branding themselves from the days of the original iPod and the iMac. They were rarely as powerful as the PCs you could get for the same cost and they came with a lot of factors that limited customer customization of devices. But they used the emotional impact of their brand and a heavy push on customer interaction to build fans, not customers. For them and for you, it’s all about identifying what matters to them. An air of creativity, a focus on ease-of-use, and the priority of style are what got Apple to where they are now. Not because they focused on the specs of their machines.

People pay more. If you lead with emotional value, you can find that customers can be willing to offer more. Adopting the value-driven agency pricing method is all about leading with the emotional impact first. The usual pricing method of a business is all about the numbers involved. Thinking about the costs of developing, manufacture and delivery. That can ensure that you make a profit based on calculations. Building the customer perception of quality and better value can yield better results than sticking to delivering a bargain. People are willing to pay for value when they perceive it.

It means more visibility. They’re also a lot more willing to talk about the product, services, and businesses that deliver that value. When it comes to building your brand, there are few methods as effective as building word-of-mouth and customer interaction with the brand. That kind of customer investment, when paired with engagement-heavy methods like contests, hashtag sharing and crowd-sourcing content from fans, leads to some extremely viral marketing. If you get customers sharing their love of your product and it gets viral, you can use that momentum to achieve whole new levels of success in the business.

Nothing’s more motivating. Getting the customers emotionally invested in the brand is one thing. Getting the team behind it can be even more valuable. If you’re able to profit from value-based pricing and a strong brand, make sure those profits are being reinvested into creating a more motivating workplace. Take care of your employees and get them on-side with the business by ensuring that the goals of the organization are easily understood and well-shared amongst the different sections. Your business will be far from dull and you’ll see spikes in motivation, engagement, and productivity. A happy workforce that truly believes in the business they’re a part of can be another powerful method of building a brand people are glad to support as well.

At the end of the day, the organization of the business and the specifics of the services and products we deliver are the trimmings of what a business should be. It should be a shared goal within the organization and it should be a proposition of a better life, in small ways or large, to customers. Remember the heart of the business and it will help you get the best from it.

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