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Just when you got PR down to an art-form, everything changed. But don’t worry. The new rules require a skill you and other business women have already mastered – relationship building! Nearly 80 percent of Internet users read blogs. Are you getting your share of exposure?

“Social media and blogs are just as important as traditional media outlets now,” says Amy Binder, president of the $12 million PR firm, RF|Binder Partners. “Some companies don’t want to talk to bloggers, they are afraid of what they’ll say. But they’ll say it anyway, even if they don’t talk to you. That world exists and you can’t ignore it. There’s not one company out there that can afford to ignore online media.”

Bloggers can be your best advocates, says Binder, not only in boosting your branding but protecting your business. Her best tip? Read blogs. “You need to know who is most influential, and who is most substantial. And bloggers take it personally if you pitch them and you’ve never read them.”

So how do you get bloggers to write about you?,, InformationWeek, and Understanding Marketing suggest strategies like pitching to their niche and becoming a user before you pitch.

Which bloggers are best to pitch in your industry? Check out Technorati for the most commented blogs and Quantcast for most viewed.

Should you pay to play?

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“The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment.”
Pema Chodron

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