Busy At Business? Take The Time To Relax

If you are a business owner, work for a busy company or are self-employed, then your work days can be hectic, overrun, chaotic and can be the cause of a lot of stress in your life outside of work. It can be really difficult to switch off after a busy day at work, and this can often lead to us working at home – even after doing a long shift – and thinking about our work when we are at home, trying to relax and enjoy our free time. This, of course, can lead to detrimental effects on our well being and physical health – you may not have the energy or drive to go to the gym, may be too tired or pent up to go out and socialize with your friends, and also could potentially neglect time with your other half and end up pushing them away.

Of course, it is easy to see why people devote so much time to their work. In an economy where good jobs and few and far between, and where job roles are filled almost immediately after the vacancy has been posted, we all feel the need to excel in the work we do and want to show our boss – or employees for that matter – that we are devoted to our job, the company and need to kept in the job role for the benefits of the company (and our finances, of course!). If your job has a large aspect of emailing clients and customers, then you will leave work thinking about the emails you have sent and whether or not they will get a positive reply. If you work in property, you will almost always be thinking about how you are going to sell that new house for sale. If you work in the care industry, then you may think about the people you are caring for and how they are going to cope without you being there.

However, it is a vital aspect of our lives that we learn to switch off from work when our working days are over. We all know someone who works too hard and has suffered a burnout or a stress related issue because of their work, and we have seen the effects that it has had on their lives. We all need to take the time to relax – even for an hour or so – so that our minds can focus on something else, even if it is a meagre task like washing the dishes or vacuuming the house. There are, of course, people who have no trouble whatsoever in switching off from their work day and they are very fortunate. It is common for a lot of people to have no understanding of how that is possible, but if you take the time relax properly, it will definitely benefit your health, everyday life and ability to do things that you enjoy in life.

When you arrive home from work, it could be a good idea to run a hot bath. Once it is run and it is at the temperature you like, light a few candles, dim the lights and relax in the bath with a good book – or in complete silence. The hot water will allow your muscles to relax and if you choose to use bath oil, that will add to the desired effect you need. It may also be a good choice to put on some relaxing music, or a talk show on the radio which can be playing softly in the background.

Connecting with your friends and organizing some quality time with them can be a really useful factor in helping you to take your mind off work. Meet your friends in a bar or restaurant, get some drinks in and allow the conversation to flow. If you have not seen your friends for a while, you may be surprised – and may feel guilty – about aspects of their lives which you have missed out on due to work. After the evening is over, you could find yourself with a new perspective on life and will feel happy that you have spent time with your friends rather than colleagues you see and talk to every day.

If your working days are spent sat at a desk, when you get home it could be a good idea to change into some comfy clothes – jogging bottoms, an oversized jumper – and simply go for a walk around the neighborhood. If you feel like it, do not take you mobile phone with you. This will mean you will be completely away from technology and work and can take your time strolling around the streets or park. Enjoy the fresh air, allow your muscles to feel exercised and even take a look at new bars or restaurants which have popped up in the locality. This way, when you see your friends again you can suggest going to a local venue near you – and you also get to try somewhere new.

You could also just relax on the sofa with your favorite snacks and catch up on TV that you have been meaning to watch. There is nothing quite like an evening in front of the television – if you allow yourself to relax completely you will find that you may completely forget about work and will not think about it until you wake up the next morning.

It is important to take the time to spend quality time doing things we enjoy, not just for ourselves but for the people in our lives like family and friends. Once you have enabled yourself to relax completely and switch off from work, it will become easier over time to do it more often. You could see a real change in your life – in your mood, relationships, social situations, and even in new hobbies you may decide to take up.We obviously all need to earn money and work hard for it, but we also all need some time to recuperate every now and then.

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