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Your car takes you from your morning board meeting to your lunch with that important client and back home to your bubble bath. We know it’s hard to find the time to sit at the repair shop and wait, but your car needs pampering, too.

“Maintenance is important to make sure your car stays in good condition,” says Dawn Paluszny, Vehicle Integration Supervisor for Ford Motor Company. “There’s great information in your owner’s guide, which a lot of people overlook in fear that it might be too technical. There’s a section on regular maintenance about what to do and when.” She suggests writing maintenance appointments in your calendar in advance and treating it like any other appointment.

From getting a second opinion for large repairs to checking your receipt before leaving to avoid overcharges and being weary of unnecessary repairs, Yahoo! Autos has a list of 10 things to be aware of when visiting the mechanic.

Consumer Reports lists five auto-service rip-offs, from flushing the engine or transmission and replacing the same part more than once, to insisting that only the dealership can perform maintenance to use your warranty. Plus, suggests getting to know a trustworthy mechanic to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Want to take a proactive approach? Dare to Repair Your Car offers do-it-yourself maintenance tips, including checking your tire pressure, changing your oil and checking your brake fluid; all with easy to read diagrams.

Bonus PINK Link: How much do you know about your car? Here are five car myths.

By Muriel Vega

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