Recession Benefits Women

Sure, it sounds counter-intuitive to suggest that the recession has helped women. After all, 8 percent of working women are unemployed, your 401(k) is down and Nordstrom misses you. But there’s a silver lining, says Mireille Guiliano, former CEO of Cliquot and author of French Women Don’t Get Fat. As more women than men keep their jobs in what has been dubbed a “man-session,” women are moving into key positions.

In this war for talent, marginal performers are being replaced by superstars. “So take advantage; get your foot in the door and show them you’re a rock star,” she tells PINK. Her new book, Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire, lists ways to climb that ladder faster, including:

Go for the money positions. That means avoiding support roles and traditional female functions (i.e., HR and communications), as well as working in industries where women are eagerly accepted in C-suites. Catalyst lists industries where women are welcome at the top – like insurance and retail.

Brand yourself. Catherine Kaputa, author of The Female Brand, says “creating an identifiable package” for yourself can help you snag that corner office. Her blog taps well-known women (like Oprah and Sarah Palin) to explore her branding tips in action – like being different and embracing change.

Work smarter by surrounding yourself with a good team and getting the most out of them. Yahoo! Shine and explore the art of delegation – at work and at home.

Minute Mentoring: Guiliano elaborates on how the recession could be good for women.

Bonus PINK Link: Plus, check out PINK Editor Cynthia Good’s blog on Guiliano’s success secrets.

By Bethany Bengston

“When women rule the world, and we will, they will have the chance
to re-write the rules. No more meetings at 7:30 P.M.” Mireille Guiliano

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