A Solid Foundation

Sure, we all know that you get the job done regardless of the makeup you wear. There’s nothing wrong with going au natural. But, choosing the right foundation can make you look fresh and well put together.

“Foundation is important to achieve a polished look,” says Ebony Crawley, expert makeup artist and owner of ProStyle Makeup. “It can be used lightly to even skin tone and make a look complete or to cover skin issues such as blotchiness, redness, or other discolorations that need to be concealed.”

Here’s how to get the right coverage:

Identify your skin type: “Knowing what type of skin you have is the first step of choosing a foundation.” Here’s a quiz.

Foundation always looks darker in the bottle. Try testing it on your neck or jaw line to find the perfect color. Brands like Lancôme, L’Oreal and Avon all have perfect match systems to help you look au natural, even when you’re not.

Want more? Makeup artist Bobbi Brown points you to the right coverage based on your skin type and your coverage needs, including all day wear, hydration and anti-aging benefits.

Bonus PINK Link: Bobbi Brown shares 10 tips for beautiful makeup at work.

Minute Mentor: Check out this video with Bare Escentuals Founder Leslie Blodgett on the business woman’s approach to makeup.

By Artesia Peluso

“Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is
attractive without zest.” Christian Dior

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