Reaching Great Heights

Truth be told, the painstaking responsibility of being a professional woman and a high-heeled goddess, has left your feet a little resentful and worn out. We’d all love to channel our inner Carrie Bradshaw and sprint to meetings and save the world all while sporting 4-inch heels, but a recent survey shows nearly 73% of professional women suffer from shoe-related health issues.

“This year’s heels are taller than ever and offer less support — and the higher the heel, the more damage can occur,” says New York City podiatrist Johanna Youner, D.P.M. “Women are literally falling off their heels, fracturing their foot or spraining their ankle. The APMA says, “2 ½ inches is the highest a heel should be during working hours.” You can still wear a 2 inch heel and be fashionable,” Youner says.

Feet or Fashion? Why Choose?

Ever wish you could snap the heel off your favorite stilettos and make those puppies flats. Well thanks to Camileon Heel, the first adjustable-height pump, now you can.

“Wedge type heels, of reasonable height, tend to have support that is more stable.” Here are some we like: Tory Burch, Endless, Silhouettes.

Wondering how to be aggressive in your career without losing your femininity? Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels is a how-to guide to being successful without toning down your style, from balance techniques to end of chapter quizzes to polish your managerial skills.

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By Artesia Peluso

“Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is
attractive without zest.” Christian Dior

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