Company Growth Through Core Values

The Innovation Game

By Asha Chadhaury

As managers and entrepreneurs, we strive to develop business models that constantly evolve to meet the demands of today’s industry trends. As president of U.S. operations for Jaipur Rugs, India’s largest hand-knotted rug manufacturer, I know with growth comes complexity.

How do you maintain a sustainable, steadily profitable business? Innovation is extremely important, but staying grounded is just as valuable, if not more so. It becomes increasingly difficult to manage constantly changing priorities driven by evolving customer demands, but having strong core values behind everything your company does is often the most effective way to maintain loyal customers and drive long-term profits.

One of the biggest pitfalls of a business leader today is losing sight of the core values the company has. Holding onto those core tenets is the way to shine a bright light on your business during a dark economic forecast.

Our goal is to provide a broad spectrum of thoughtfully crafted lifestyle-driven products that are always beautiful, comfortable and social responsible – in a diversity of aesthetic styles and price points. This aspiration is governed by our passion to continually seek out new innovations in product design, to improve operational processes and to enhance the customer experience.

Our mission is built on a strong foundation of core beliefs:

The power of beauty. Consistently leading the industry in fashion-forward color and pattern, our goal has always been to channel our passion for design into products that enrich the lives of consumers through beauty and comfort.

Maintaining relationships. While styles change quickly and the economy is in a perpetual state of flux, our one constant is in the connections we’ve built. Our best moments of inspiration come when finding new ways to address the needs and concerns of our customers.

The importance of value. Whether it takes the form of a sophisticated hand-knotted wool and silk masterpiece or a whimsical indoor-outdoor design, each piece we create should carry with it an intrinsic value in quality and price.

The role of social responsibility. Since its inception, Jaipur founder NK Chaudhary has instilled within the company’s culture the importance of giving back. A centuries-old system has given way to a new model helping communities of talented artisans to excel at their passion, while empowering them through innovative grassroots programs to find greater financial and social stability.

Supporting our people. From the artisan skillfully weaving an intricate design to the attentive customer service representative, we know that our greatest strength lies in the passion and hard work of our team.

Making room for improvement. Throughout our more than 30-year history into today, we continue to seek out better, smarter, more effective ways to provide beautiful goods and attentive service to our customers.

Asha Chadhaury is president of U.S. operations for Jaipur Rugs, India’s largest hand-knotted rug manufacturer. She was mentored by her father, Jaipur Rugs founder NK Chaudhary. Beginning with two looms, the company has evolved into an international company that employs more than 40,000 weavers and artisans.


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