15-Minute “Face Lift”

Been thinking about having some work done? Superficial as it may be, 80 percent of working women think cosmetic enhancement can boost a person’s confidence, and 13 percent say they’d consider it to make them more competitive in the job market. Now, they can do it over lunch without going under the knife.

“Most injectables are pretty similar,” says Kim Hairston, nurse practitioner at Oculus facial cosmetic surgeons. “The key is finding what works best for your busy schedule and how many times you want to come back. Some procedures last a couple months, others for more than a year.”

Here’s a run-down of top options:

Juvedérm: “A dermal filler that provides soft, natural results,” it restores the hyaluronic acid in skin. Time commitment: 15 min. Results: Immediate. Frequency: Every 12 to 18 mo.

Restylane: A bio-degradable, clear gel, “it integrates into and firms up the dermal tissues in the tear-drop area. Because it doesn’t hold as much water as some fillers, it looks natural.” Time commitment: 15-30 min. Results: Immediate. Frequency: 6 mo.

Botox: “For those who don’t want a frown line, it relaxes the muscles. There’s really no risk. Just avoid going too low; we only recommend it for the forehead, the brow area and crows feet.” Time commitment: 10-15 min. Results: 3-10 days. Frequency: Every 3 mo.

Sculptra Aesthetics: “Just approved for cosmetic enhancement, it replaces collagen, correcting facial lines and folds.” Time commitment: 15min Results: Gradual. Frequency: Three injections over several months last two years.

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By Tiffany Harrison

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