Find Your May Flowers

As they say, “April showers bring May flowers.” With this in mind, what are your May flowers?

Spring has sprung, and although things are pretty crazy in the world right now, it’s the perfect time to think about all of the good things in your life and how you can use them to move forward in a positive direction.

To start, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you grateful for?
    Think about all of the positive things in your life and write them down. You may be surprised at how much you really have! Plus, just thinking about these things will help to put you in a better mood!


  • What have you learned?
    Since you had to change things in your life and react to the pandemic, what did you learn about yourself? Did you step up to protect yourself and your family? Did you escape for much-needed quiet time with your favorite book or television show? Think about your reactions. It will give you a hint of what is most important to you in life. Maybe you’ve been working too hard and really needed some sleep. Perhaps, you learned that you are brave and strong and ready for a challenge!


  • What do you need to do in the future?
    When this crisis hit, were you ready? Now is the time to prepare for things that can happen in the future. Make of list of what you didn’t have that you needed or wished you had done in advance prior to COVID-19’s arrival. This includes everything having to do with your emotional, physical and financial health. And if you run a business, it’s important to develop a crisis plan now so you are ready for whatever comes your way!

May Flowers After COVID-19 – It’s Time for a Fresh Start!

Once you take a look at what you’ve learned from this unique experience, it’s time to use this information to move forward.

Make plans to put the priorities in your life first. Figure out what you need to do to be better prepared for a future crisis and take action.

Also, look at your career. Are you doing what you want to be doing? If not, get online training for specific skills you may need, find a mentor, update your resume, conduct research, and more. It’s never too late in life to click the “refresh” button!

Even if you are broke and feel pretty negative from everything going on, remember, you still have control over your mindset.

Take a simple step today towards your new goals and keep moving forward. While COVID-19 may have turned your life upside down, it’s time for a fresh, positive start!

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Author Melanie Rembrandt is a published author, speaker and content strategy expert who helps entrepreneurs boost sales, awareness and credibility fast with a unique combination of targeted, content strategy, SEO copywriting and public relations. For more information, tips and insights, visit


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