Know a “Difficult” Female Boss?

You’ve told your direct report for the umpteenth time to stay off her BlackBerry during a meeting or to organize the files for a certain case – to no avail. Out of sheer frustration you find yourself focusing on all the things your employee didn’t do – while raising your voice.

With the myriad of stressors and challenges women leaders face today, many too often lose their cool. Due partly to this, nearly 40 percent of women surveyed actually prefer a male boss.

But of course women can (and do!) lead effectively.

How to lead without being overly critical or blowing a fuse? Deliver criticism constructively, starting with a compliment and don’t make it personal; focus on the issue, suggests BankersOnline.

Realizing you can have control over the situation and being empathetic will help keep your temper in check, according to WebMD.

Always hold employees accountable for actions immediately following a digression, suggests Coaching Sanctuary. Plus, if possible, take the conversation off-site to alleviate any awkwardness and stay on topic, says

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By Cynthia Good

“Constructive criticism is about finding something good and positive to soften the blow to the real critique of what really went on.” Paula Abdul

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