Does More Women in the Workforce Mean a “Man”cession?

On Friday, September 4, I had the privilege of appearing live on CNN in a
 segment called “Women in the Workforce.” The interview offered insights in to
 the shifting dynamics of the economy and why more women are making their way 
into the workforce.

We’re calling it a “man”cession in that 82 percent of people who have been 
laid off are men. For the first time, women are poised to take over 50 
percent of the workforce. The industries that we are employed in are not the 
industries that have been hit the hardest.

With that said, I believe that now is the time for men and women to 
reposition themselves for future hiring trends. I predict that manufacturing
 and construction are the industries that will see a major shift in how jobs
 are done, and IT as the area where people need to re-educate themselves.

As men are being laid off, companies are using this as an opportunity to get 
a more diverse management base. There is talk of a new female economy 
because we control so much of the consumer dollar. Women are going to be a
 valuable force because we are making the decisions, financial and otherwise.
 So get ready, ladies. Now is the time to make this “man”cession an 
opportunity for us!

By April Fawcett Nagel

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