Driven to Succeed

What does success look like? Check out Annette Tirabasso, leaning against her red convertible. Her BMW gets her to and from meetings with a confidence and style that mirrors her own. A consultant to hundreds of companies and former Deloitte Partner, Annette says, “I think confidence is probably the biggest key to the success I’ve had. That and the fact that I am naturally curious.” An advocate for advancing women in the workplace, Annette also coaches women to find their passion. In her spare time, she loves to travel and play golf.

She describes her 430i as sporty and luxurious. It’s not her first BMW. She says she has been a fan since 2004 when she compared the car to other brands in the same category and landed on BMW because it is, “fun to drive and gives me confidence on the road.” Annette purchased her latest convertible in memory of her father who enjoyed cruising in his own convertible. “Even during cold days he’d drive with the top down. He always said, ‘I just turn up the heat and put on the seat warmers and I’m ready to go!’”

Annette says she appreciates her car’s “ability to stop on a dime. It makes me feel in control. And it’s easy to maintain without giving up style.” Particular about her work and in her life, she demands a lot from her car too. “I wanted a great ride. But I also want my car to be safe, to have all the styling of a luxury car – performance and luxury.” What more could a woman want.

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Photo by Larry Krupa

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