Easy Ways to Add More Exercise into a Working Day

A lot of us would love to get in better shape, but find it hard to make time to do any kind of formal exercise like going to the gym when work is busy. If you find yourself putting in long days at the office, you may feel a lot of the negative effects of the sedentary lifestyle. This can include muscle pain and lower back pain, trouble sleeping, and of course, weight gain. You may also feel stressed, something that exercise can help with a lot. 

If you know you should be being more active, but don’t think you have time, then it can be a good idea to look at your daily routine on your working days and think about where you could be adding a little more physical activity. Over the course of the day, taking a little time to move here and there can really help you to feel healthier, less stressed, and generally more energized, and if you also take care of your nutrition, you can also start to see weight loss benefits.

Here are some ways you can sneak more activity into your busy working life!

Walk More

It seems obvious, but walking more can make a huge difference. You don’t have to do it all at once, either. The steps you take throughout the day all count, so if you don’t have time to go out for a walk of 30 minutes or an hour in your lunch break or after work, then putting shorter walks in throughout the day can be just as beneficial. Can you consider parking further away from work and walking some of the way, or getting off the bus a few stops before your usual stop, so you get a walk in at the start and end of each day at work? Can you make more trips during the day, for instance walking over to another part of your workplace to talk to someone, rather than calling them or emailing? Can you find reasons to get away from your desk and move around more often, for instance going to meet visitors in reception, rather than having them sent up to you? 

Of course, if you want to walk more when you are working, you should also think about making sure that will be comfortable for you. If your workplace doesn’t have a strict dress code, then a good way to do this can be by wearing sneakers to work. You can find some gorgeous luxury sneakers by designer brands, for instance Gucci sneakers, which can give you the smart, sophisticated look you want while also making sure that whenever you have a chance to walk, you’ll be comfortable enough to want to take it. You may benefit from visiting SSENSE, who have all of the latest high-end sneaker collections listed on their website. There you will find beautiful sneakers that are ideal for an office with a relaxed dress code.

If sneakers at work aren’t an option, consider ditching the killer heels and going for easier to walk in smart shoes, like women’s loafers with a chunkier heel, or cavalry boots. You can also consider switching between sneakers and your work shoes when you arrive at the office.


Stretches can be a great way to alleviate the muscle tension caused by sitting down too much, and can also help with things like lower back pain. Try learning some simple yoga stretches, and making time in the morning and before you go to bed to do ten minutes of stretches. This can feel nice, and help you relax as well as helping improve your posture. You should also take time to do some simple (and discreet) stretches at your desk from time to time, to help keep you comfortable. While this may not seem like exercise in the same way as walking or climbing stairs, it is important for muscles and for general mobility, and should make you feel better.

Do Some Strength Training

Many people really underestimate the importance of doing some strength training with weights. This can help with weight loss because as you build more muscle, your body consumes more calories even at rest, but it will also help your posture and help to prevent pain. Another good thing about strength training is that it doesn’t take very long to do a set of reps of any given exercise, and so you can add these in throughout the day. You can try doing simple bicep and triceps curls at your desk using a bottle of water as a weight, and at home, add in a few sets of things like squats and crunches when you are watching TV or waiting for your food to cook!

It can be easy enough to find small time slots during the day when you can walk, do some muscle strengthening exercises, or at the very least some stretching, so why not start slipping more activity into your work day?

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