Energize Your Employees

Whether you are managing 4,000 employees or 10, sometimes the everyday routine meetings and tasks can leave your employees unmotivated.

“Conversations between managers and employees need to recognize and appreciate what employees have contributed to the organization but, just as importantly, they need to discuss the contributions needed in the future,” says Adam Alexander, VP of MasteryWorks, adding that the key to increased employee engagement is to show career options and distribute managing responsibilities.

Ready to win them back?

If you want to foster innovation, bonuses and rewards might not work. Rather, give your employees a chance to manage projects they care about on their own, says Fast Company.

Supporting employees throughout the workday and beyond will help you as a manager and your business as a whole. Be worthy of their trust, keep promises and lead with your heart says Allbusiness.com.

Want more? Level Three Leadership: Getting Below the Surface suggests trying to engage employees and build relationships in terms of their core values and beliefs. Connecting the organization’s dreams and employees’ personal dreams can help relationships within the workplace and the company’s future.

Bonus PINK Link: Generate enthusiasm by showing their work is connected to a higher purpose.

By Muriel Vega

I never did anything alone. Whatever was accomplished in this country was accomplished collectively.” Golda Meir

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