Need an Energy Boost?

It’s 3 p.m. Your body feels like a car running out of gas. But you still have to meet a client, finish a lengthy report and work with your colleague on an assignment.

Fatigue for women in the workplace is common and costs companies about $136 billion per year in health-related lost productivity, according to a recent study. Total lost productive time averages 5.6 hours a week for tired workers, compared to 3.3 hours for their counterparts without fatigue.

Need a little pick me up? Changing your socks midday (or airing out your feet), lavender aromatherapy and eating lots of berries can increase your energy during the workday. Here are 55 other ways to get energized.

Hidden food allergies, thyroid problems and depression are some of the 16 factors listed by WebMD that may cause fatigue. Plus, boost your energy by eating a high-carb, high-fiber breakfast, taking 10-minute breaks, walking around the office and surrounding yourself with positive people.

Desk exercises can burn calories and increase concentration without leaving the office. Here are five energy boosting exercises to perk you up so you can finish that long report in no time.

Bonus PINK Link: Get lost in the supplement aisle at the health food store? Here’s a guide to which supplements your body needs the most.

By Muriel Vega

“America’s number one energy crisis is Monday morning.” Unknown Author

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