Feng Shui Your Office

Feng Shui Your Office

Reinvent the way you do business by rearranging your workspace.

By Jenna Boyd

Feng Shui (pronounced FUNG SHWAY) is the art of positioning your environment based on natural principles that focus energy flow and enhance quality of life. Improve productivity, creativity, comfort and relationships by applying these “natural strategies” to your space:

Power Position. The golden Feng Shui rule says to face the door (which represents the flow of opportunities) in all situations. Take advantage of the flow by seeing what is coming your way. Ideal desk location is the far right or left corner of the room, diagonally facing the door. If turning the desk is not possible, place a mirror or reflective surface – with a glass or silver frame – on your desk to see movement behind you. Try to face the door during meetings, then notice how you feel empowered and have more presence.

Comfort and Safety. Protruding corners and sharp edges from walls or furniture that point toward your desk area, doorway or meeting spaces may create negative energy. Sit with your back against the most solid wall, rather than a wall of windows or out in the open. Furniture with soft, rounded edges arranged in a U shape can improve communication and comfort.

Furniture matters. A sturdy desk with ample workspace – along with a supportive chair with a full back and arm rests – can contribute to your success.

Red ribbons. Red is the color of activity. A red ribbon tied to the phone cord may activate calls. Red tape around garbage can rims and shredder baskets can symbolically stop the disposal of chi, the circulating life energy inherent in all things.

Artwork. What does it say? How does it make you feel? Notice how office artwork conveys particular emotions or attitudes. Need to uplift morale or express company core values? Hang artwork that displays the messages, purpose and identity of your business.

Natural elements. Plants, lighting and water keep business productive. Healthy plants with soft edges symbolize growth, vision and stability. Good lighting inspires bright ideas, so add lamps, increase bulb wattage or open the blinds for natural light. Enhance prosperity by placing water fountains or artwork depicting water near the door.

Jenna Boyd is a certified professional Feng Shui consultant and speaker.

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