Fight Like A Girl: 5 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Needs To Know

Fight Like A Girl

Fight Like A Girl: 5 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Needs To Know

We’ve all had our share of walking to our car at night on an unlit street or finding ourselves alone in unfamiliar territory during the day. We know to always stay alert, but after an exhausting week – or several – at work, we may not always be as aware as we think.

What happens when you’ve taken all the precautions and someone steps out of nowhere and grabs your arm? You’re surprised, and without the right self-defense know-how, you’re virtually powerless against their grip. Take control of your safety by mastering these self-defense moves.

The Ear Pull: You’d never think that pulling on someone’s ear could incapacitate them, but it can! Grab your attacker’s ear with your hand and wrap your fingers completely around the ear. Pull it towards you in a quick motion. There have been actual cases where this move took an attacker’s ear off, but at the very least, it will cause measurable pain.

The Eye Gouge: Not only will this move cause your attacker pain, but it will result in temporary blindness, allowing you to make your escape. Stiffen two of your fingers to bring maximum damage, and in one swift motion, jab them into your attacker’s eyes.

The Nose Lift: We expect attackers to sneak up on us from behind, but what about when they’re walking right toward us and grab our waist as they walk by? In a situation where your attacker is right in front of you, take your dominant hand and turn it into a flat “blade” – think “karate chop” style hands. Summon your strength and quickly raise your flattened palm to hit the base of their nose, sending their head swinging back, and with the right strength, even breaking their nose.

The Kick Stomp: If your attacker does approach you from behind and “bear hugs” you, restricting any arm movement, you can still use your legs. Lift your strongest knee as high as possible, and bring your heel down right into the center of your attacker’s foot. This should throw your attacker off balance, and depending on your strength level, you may then need to employ one of the above tactics to further take your attacker out and run away.

Remember – it’s OK to cause pain! Practice the above self-defense moves, but if you should be facing an attacker, do whatever necessary to distract and hurt them, from bending their pinkie fingers back to punching him or her in the throat. It’s your life at stake!

Rebecca is a member of the, shedding light on home and personal safety advice and expertise.  Always use precautions, but it’s important to know what it takes to take your safety into your own hands!

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