Your Perfect Mentor

As an ambitious woman, you know how vital mentors can be to guide you along your path to success. Inspirational women are all around us – it’s just a matter of looking for the right person and knowing how to approach her.

“You need to surround yourself with those who complement you and can strengthen the skills you already have and the ones that you don’t,” suggests Candace Matthews, chief marketing officer for Global Amway Brand. “Very early on, I had a mentor who was instrumental in my career and not only stayed instrumental but became a good friend.”

Matthews adds that after your mentor helps you accomplish your goals, the best thing you can do is turn around and mentor others.

Follow the leader:

The SCORE organization mentors small-business entrepreneurs and provides free, confidential advice for businesswomen online or in person at one of their more than 300 offices nationwide.

Microsoft offers tips for women entrepreneurs to find the right mentor, such as establishing goals early on, remembering to give back, and keeping your perspective.

The American Democracy Institute connects accomplished leaders with the next generation and recently launched a Women’s Leadership Program.’s Women in Business section suggests not choosing a friend to be your mentor but rather someone who will take the time to give you honest, straightforward feedback.

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By Caroline Cox

“A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.”

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