Cultivate Confidence

So maybe you occasionally let men lift the really heavy boxes. Inner strength is what matters, says Marilyn Tam, entrepreneur, speaker and former CEO of Aveda.

Born in Hong Kong to parents who wanted a boy and left her at the hospital for days, Tam was raised partly by her aunt in the country, working as a child laborer. But she says her hard childhood only made her stronger – and a powerful businesswoman. “Women aren’t as large or imposing as men, and many still assume we have less ability, so we can be discounted right away,” says the 5’4″ powerhouse. Which means we need all the confidence we can get. “I know I have something important and wise to say, so other people know it, too, and my size and gender don’t matter.”

How can you get her confidence? “Whatever you look for and focus on you’ll see. If it’s power and wisdom, you’ll find and reinforce it. It’s the beginning of life-long journey to support yourself.”

Here’s how to find inner strength:

Tam and 14 other renowned businesswomen share their tribulations and success secrets in The Glow Project.

Have hardships or failures got you down on yourself? outlines the four stages of metamorphosis to develop inner strength – dissolving, imagining, reforming and flying.

Plus, try this “Meditation for Inner Strength” from Women’s Post.

PINK Profile: In our exclusive interview with Tam, she shares how she landed top roles at Aveda, Reebok and Nike – without ever applying for a job.

“The true joy in life: Being used for a purpose recognized by
yourself as a mighty one.” George Bernard Shaw (Tam’s favorite quote)

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