Four Countries with Great Prospects for Professional Expat Women

More women are deciding to go for the expat lifestyle and see what opportunities there may be abroad. According to a recent survey conducted by InterNations, 24 percent of the women surveyed said that they specifically decided to move abroad for professional reasons. But without a proper course of action, finding work abroad as a female expat can be an uphill battle. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the best countries for professional female expats and some numbers on how the job market is for women in these countries.

New Zealand
The job market for expats in New Zealand is very diverse and New Zealand has one of the highest shares of expats working part-time in the world. And there are specific reasons for that. For one, a large portion of the people who went to New Zealand reported doing so to improve their life quality principally, while only about four percent reported doing so for work reasons.

But that doesn’t mean expat women here aren’t satisfied with their job prospects and security. In addition to reporting a high level of satisfaction with their work/life balance situation, most of them also reported that they had confidence in their career prospects and job security. As a matter of fact, 71 percent of female expats living in New Zealand reported that they felt secure about their job future.

It also helps when you learn how to use recruitment agencies effectively. Working with a CV distribution service will allow you to access more recruiters and in a more efficient matter. They’ll also allow you to see unadvertised jobs and reach recruiters directly before jobs are actually posted. In addition to that, they’ll be able to match your profile with candidates that might be interested in your services by looking at your formation, experience, availability, and location.

Most expat women surveyed living in Ireland said that they were satisfied with their work/life balance. As matter of fact, women expats occupying full-time positions in Ireland work fewer hours per week then the global average by about 1.7 percent. They also have a very positive outlook on their professional future and job security. About 63 percent reported that they view their career prospects favorably and 64 percent said that they felt that their job security wasn’t an issue.

However, you should know that living as an expat isn’t cheap in Ireland. While expats tend to be well paid, a lot are also showing insecurity about their income. Less than 64 percent reported that they felt their salary was enough to take care of the needs of their household. This is nearly 9 percent below the average globally. So, these are things you’ll have to take into account when the time comes to choose.

While a large percentage of female expats moved to New Zealand for non-work-related reasons, the situation is quite different in Kazakhstan. As a matter of fact, the majority of women surveyed stated that they moved to the country strictly for work-related reasons. From these women, about 15 percent said that they were sent there by their employer and about 12 percent said that they were recruited before coming there.

Expat women living in Kazakhstan also work longer hours than in other countries. The average working week was at 45 percent, which is about 2.5 percent above the global average. This is also not the best place if you value your quality of life. About 28 percent of women surveyed stated that they saw their work/life relationship in a negative light. That’s about 6 percent above the worldwide average. So, if work/life balance is a major aspect for you, then you should think twice about choosing Kazakhstan as a destination, even with the seemingly good job prospects.

The United States
While many factors related to the quality of life have regressed as far as the US goes, it is still a prized destination for many English speaking expats for its vibrant job sector. The US is experiencing shortages in plenty of fields, offering great job opportunities for skilled job seekers from abroad. As a matter of fact, about 64 percent of women expats surveyed noted that it was one of the best aspects of living in the country.

In addition, about 62 percent noted that they were making more money here than they did before they came. This is in stark contrast with many other expat destinations. Women expats living in the US reported one of the highest incomes per household in the whole, nearly doubling the global average by 8 percent, which is another major plus.

Living as an expat is becoming easier than ever and these countries offer great prospects to qualified expats that are ready to go the extra mile. Make sure that you weigh your options and consider as many factors as possible when making your final choice.

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