Fresh Faced and Ready To Go: Tips To Help You Find Your Feet At College

Is there anything more exciting – or nerve wracking – then heading off to college for the first time? With everything packed and ready to go, you’re probably itching to getting settled into your accommodation, meet your fellow students and hit fresher’s week, with maybe a little bit of studying in between. And yes, starting college might mean your first taste of freedom and independence. Which means it’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to juggle everything all at once. Well, don’t worry,,, here you’ll find 5 tips to help you find your feet at the university of your choice.

Manage that Workload
And you thought you’re A Levels piled on the pressure! When it comes to workload, college is a whole different ball game. This means you need to be organized and sensible with your time. Prioritize your workload and remember the programs that help you with your spelling, citations and plagiarism are available to help you – you can check for plagiarism (for free) by clicking the link. Remember to take regular breaks when you feel it getting too much, talk to fellow students and members of staff who are there to help you. And try not to be tempted by too many nights out!

Learn How to Budget
Many graduates will tell you that seeing all the student loans in your bank account all at once is an incredible sight! But you must exercise restraint. It’s tempting to spend it all in your first week, but this money has to last! Setting out a weekly budget is a great place to start, look at what’s coming in and going out, and whether or not you need to bring in a little more income with a job or maybe not indulge in too many takeaways. It might seem a little boring and serious, but a good budget will allow you to focus on enjoying yourself and your studies, rather than worrying about money.

Back Up Your Work
Viruses, a spilled drink, or someone sitting on your laptop. All these problems could make retrieving that 5000 word essay you wrote on the French Revolution all the more difficult to get back. So, make sure you save back up copies of all your work in different locations. Whether that’s saving it onto a cloud, on a USB or even a mini hard drive… saving your work twice is something you certainly won’t regret!

Look Out for Others
From stress to anxiety, loneliness to depression, college life isn’t exempt from mental health issues. Which is why it’s a great idea to look out for others who might be struggling. Don’t be afraid to reach out, and also connect with your own mental health and well-being. And remember, those you meet in your first week, won’t necessarily be your friends for life. You’re an adult and you’re free to choose who you want to socialize with and who you don’t. Strike up a conversation in the gym, head to classes, join clubs and enjoy meeting people from all different backgrounds.

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