How to: Generate Buzz 5 Ways in 5 Days (Day 2)

The fall can be such a rewarding time of the year for retailers. There is the back to school shoppers ready to express their unique styles to a new group of friends. Parents are back to a routine schedule and once the month of September hits, consumers are usually paying attention to your marketing campaigns again, if there good ones of course.

In today’s saturated marketing of cyber space emails, text messages, social media posts, and mounds of junk mail, its hard to stand out and create buzz . But it is possible! For those of you with a brick and mortar retail storefront, here are five quick and easy tips to help you create buzz and increase your foot traffic.

The secret is simple. Create a WOW factor. Sounds easy but what if you aren’t creative or don’t wake up with millions of ideas a day like some of us? Well here are 5 easy tips to consider. Just think of the 5 senses.


When customers enter your store, is it quiet? Before opening my store, I went to visit almost every consignment store in Atlanta and very few had music playing at that time. I decided that I wanted my store to feel like home or even like a fun party when consumers would stop in. Think of your target audience and what music would help them escape and put a smile on their face. Be sure to keep the level of the music at a conversational level. They will love stopping in just to hear their favorite song. We used Pandora Radio because you can try it for free and literally choose any artist you like and it will continue to play songs similar to that artist the entire day. It’s extremely affordable and we simply attached our surround sound speakers to the computer and let it play. It was perfect as our moods changed for the events in the store. We always had just what we needed to set the tone in a click.


TDR-HeadShot-Orange450x350Tierra Destiny Reid is known for thinking outside of the box and helping other women succeed. With over 15 years in the retail industry, Tierra has a unique approach that combines best practice corporate sales and marketing strategies with small business customer service and relationships. She is the President of TDR Brands International and holds the position of Executive Director for The Retail Campus™, an international platform based in Midtown GA. The Retail Campus™ provides continuing education for retail store owners, retail vendors, and aspiring retail and fashion entrepreneurs. For more info, visit


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