Getting Married? Trending Wedding Band for Men

Choosing a wedding band for your boyfriend should be a piece of cake, right? After all, all you have to do is determine his size and head to the nearest jewelry store and grab a solid gold basic band. If that’s the type of thing your guy is into, than knock yourself out. However, just like he took the time and energy to find you that perfect engagement ring you can’t stop gawking at, he deserves to have a wedding band that he’ll appreciate for the rest of his life.

Modern Day Groom
Long gone are the days where you can simply rely on the traditional men’s wedding bands as the modern day grooms are stepping up their tastes. They too want a stylish ring that compliments their style. When choosing a ring for your groom to be, you want to make sure that it suits his personality. Whether he’s more flashy and flamboyant or laid back and basic, you want him to know that you put for the effort to get him a band that he can show off. Take a look at some celebrity photos for inspiration or just check out these growing trends for men’s wedding bands listed below.

Domed Bands
Of course there is still the traditional dome wedding band for men. While this style is considered a bit “old fashioned” there are still some guys out there that prefer to keep it simple. This is why knowing your guy’s personality really comes in handy. Domed or traditional wedding bands for men are best for guys that are not used to wearing a lot of jewelry in the first place. It blends in, is fairly light on the hand (as in weight) and won’t draw more attention than he’s after. There are plenty of new metals you could choose from to make it unique.

Flat Wedding Bands
Similar to the dome shaped wedding bands for guys are the flat wedding bands. They too are pretty simplistic in look but as the name implies, they have a flat surface. These rings typically have more squared off edges making them a bit more modern than the traditional dome shaped rings. Again, these are great for guys who don’t wear a lot of jewelry, or are pretty laid back in personality. They also come in a variety of metals so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one that suits him well.

Two-Toned Pattern Rings
Taking it up a notch in the style category is the two toned patterned rings. These rings are crafted using two different types of metals that are then woven together to create some type of pattern. This ring is still not what you would consider flashy or over the top, but it is certainly an eye-catcher. Depending on the types of metals you’re interested in, you may have to have your groom to be’s band crafted well in advance so that it’s ready in time for the wedding.

Move over ladies, you’re not the only ones that would enjoy a stone or two in your wedding ring! Guys also enjoy a little “bling” in their ring. Diamonds are now a man’s best friend as well, as you can see from this page of men’s diamond rings from Front Jewelers. You can also find men’s wedding bands with other types of gemstones including sapphires, rubies, and more. It’s the perfect way to add a bit more style to your groom-to-be’s jewelry. If you’re going to go this route, you’ll want to take his profession into consideration. If he does a great deal of work with his hands, you’ll want to be careful as stones have a tendency to fall out if put through rigorous activity.

Different Metals
There are so many different types of metals that you can choose from when considering a wedding band for your groom to be. Some of the more popular metals remain yellow gold, platinum, and sterling silver. However, there are also choices that include metals like titanium, tungsten and stainless steel to name a few.

It probably goes without saying that shopping for a wedding band for your guy won’t be half as difficult as it was for him to buy your engagement ring. However, he will certainly appreciate the fact that you took the time to consider his style, personality and preferences. Once you’ve found the ring you think your guy will enjoy, you’ll need to be creative in finding a way to present it to him on the big day.

Photo by Preto Perola

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