Give Squatters the Boot

Give Squatters the Boot

Don’t let cybersquatters profit from your company’s website. Here are six ways to protect yourself.

By Taylor Mallory

1. Have a trademark on your company’s name and any product lines – or any name that is specific to your company. If you don’t have a trademark, there is nothing you can do to fight cybersquatters legally.

2. When you purchase your domain name, consider buying related ones (ending in .com, .org and .biz) as well as sound-alikes.

3. Many cybersquatters acquire domains when the owner fails to renew, so make sure your domain registrar either renews your domain name automatically or notifies you before renewal is necessary.

4. If you’re getting press exposure, be aware that while the public is being introduced to your product or service, cybersquatters are noticing you too.

5. Don’t assume that you’re protected just because you have a domain name and a trademark. To anticipate possible exploitation, type your company’s name, variations of your name and any other phrases specific to your business into search engines and see what comes up.

6. If your name has been stolen in some capacity, hire a law firm with expertise in both trademark and patent law – and cybersquatting. It’s a new business and is highly specialized. And have them send a cease and desist order to the offender.

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