Glass Walls, Not Ceilings

“We’re all glass here,” says Deutsch New York CEO, Val DiFebo.

“Literally, the office walls here are made of glass.”

With nearly 500 staffers, interns and freelancers onsite at any given time – Deutsch is certainly big. But, a well cultivated culture makes things feel small.

The transparent leader of one of America’s leading advertising agencies lives and breathes inclusive company culture.

Meet This Week’s Top Woman – Deutsch New York CEO, Val DiFebo in our exclusive interview!

“I have an open door policy,” she says. “And, I listen; I really listen to my employees. Being heard is empowering and it rubs off on others when people know they matter.” Several “grassrooty” affinity groups have formed within the agency, including poker clubs and sports teams, and DiFebo couldn’t be more encouraging.

“We do our best to help these groups grow,” she says, “so everyone feels equally valued.”

Even better, “The culture has always been receptive to gender-neutral contributions,” adds DiFebo. “We have several women in leadership positions.”

The North American CEO is also a woman, and the executive team is a balanced split of two women and two men – which is very encouraging to working women.

“When women come here they feel like that can succeed. They know there’s a path for women; they know they will be encouraged to push themselves and get noticed.”

“[Our culture] is one of the strongest things we have here,” says DiFebo. “And, those aren’t my words. That’s the feedback we get from former employees, contractors and interns.”

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How has company culture affected your career?

By L. Nicole Williams

Nicole is the Editor at Little PINK Book. Follow her on Twitter @iamnicwill.

“Balance? What is that? I juggle life like a person in frenzy. I don’t balance; I juggle.” Val DiFebo

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