Gone Gold! €“ Assembling A Successful Dream Team

 Gone Gold!

For the vast majority, it’s a stretch to soar into somersaults or effortlessly twist across tumbling mats, like what we saw in the Summer Olympics. But one thing is for certain – being a champion lies at the core of each of us.

Winners attract—causing others to stop and take notice. People love success, and success stories. It serves as a constant reminder that no matter what adversity one has surfaced, there’s still hope. There’s still opportunity for redemption. There are gleaming medals of victory with your team’s name on it.

I recently attended the 2012 International Women’s Success Conference (WSC), where success coach and serial entrepreneurs, Dr. Stacia Pierce and daughter, Ariana Pierce, shared on how to build successful teams within a business or organization, with thousands of women. Here are the five secrets that helped me:

Fab Five Secrets To Assemble Your Dream Team

1. Communicate a crystal, clear vision – first order of assembly is to ensure everyone has a clear vision and strategy of the destination. Vision ignites, inspires and provokes a strong sense of destiny and purpose.

2. Know the individual strengths of your players – success has enormous potential when the right people, with the right skill set and a positive, team-winning attitude are “all in.”

3. Know the weaknesses of your players – it’s simply not enough to just know the strengths of a player but also be keenly aware of their weaknesses. This ensures that the player only activates their strengths to win (during the game) while developing their weaknesses (after the game).

4. Create a safe space by building responsible community – foster an environment of camaraderie and forward momentum to stay positioned for success. Providing open opportunities for the safe sharing of new thoughts and ideas and team building activities and events. This reduces the need for continual conflict resolution such as personality clashes, title/position wars and territorial mindsets.

5. Celebrate team successes along the way – every successful team must first work hard, then play harder! Often, we miss key victory dances because we’re so focused on winning the big finals but miss the moment of the semi-final. Every dream team needs to be assured that small wins add up to bigger wins that produce ultimate wins!

Building your Dream Team is paramount to produce key wins for your business or organization. Highly effective teams are filled with seeds of greatness, and your leadership ensures that each player has an equal opportunity to go for the gold for their team. The arena is open and the stage is set. GO team. It’s time to shoot for GOLD!

Roz A. Gee is a freelance writer, speaker and author of the newly released BeYOU! To The Power of Progress!  Her passion is to help others—Refine. Reinvent. Recover! Request at RozGee.com for your next conference, event or retreat.

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