Hiring Again?

It may have been a while, but it’s time to dust off those master interviewing skills. More employers are hiring this year (20 percent are recruiting full-time employees versus 14 percent in 2009) – so you may be getting some much-needed support to take your company into this more optimistic economy.

Smart hiring is Linda Heasley’s success secret. CEO of The Limited, she turned a brand that hasn’t been profitable in 17 years into a profitable company. “I’ve surrounded myself with the best possible people. When you stand on the shoulders of giants, you’re that much taller.” Her leadership team of talented people includes former trusted colleagues and employees. And she’ll be recruiting this year for key positions, starting with a new chief marketing officer. Her best hiring tips? “Networking – asking people I respect if they know someone who can do the job. Looking back over my career and remembering what made people I’ve worked with great. And getting references.” 

Human resources expert Susan Heathfield provides a comprehensive hiring guide – from recruiting and interviewing to narrowing it down.

Mainstreet.com and Inc.com offer strategies just for entrepreneurs.

Lorena’s List warns about the top hiring mistakes employers make in a down economy – like low-balling and dragging your feet.

Bonus PINK Link: Here’s how to find the right person for the job – and your company culture.

PINK Profile: In our exclusive interview, Heasley highlights the hottest Spring fashion trends that work at work.

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