Need Some Holiday Sales and PR Fast?

3 PR Ideas for Small Business Owners To Grow Sales Fast

If your competition is killing you and your holiday sales aren’t quite there yet, you need some positive publicity and small business PR ideas that work… fast.

With this in mind, here are some things you can do right away to help improve your online rankings and the sales that go with it…

3 Small Business PR Ideas To Use Now:

1. Distribute a press release.

Look for something positive your business is currently doing to help the community.

  • Do you have an employee who volunteers at a local shelter?
  • Maybe you can create a charitable event with another organization in the area?
  • Is there something you can do to help your industry overall?

Take this information and turn it into a newsworthy press release that tells people about the event and how they can get involved to help the local charity/organization that you are highlighting.

Be sure to include top keywords in your headline so that the search engines can easily find your news.

Then, distribute your press release online using a cost-effective service like PRWeb or post it on free, press-release sites online.

2. Partner with a Bigger Organization.

If you need to make a positive impression fast, look for large organizations that complement your products and services. See what you can offer them of value that will help both of your target audiences.

You can do charitable events together, develop special joint-packages, provide discounts/industry sales, and more. By creating something together, you can offer customers a unique product or service that the competition can’t touch.

Plus, you can split marketing, production and promotional costs while doubling your targeted audience. And media members tend to follow what larger businesses are doing so you’ll probably get more news coverage that you would on your own.

3. Call a Media Member.

Want to try to get positive media coverage fast? Pick a specific reporter and contact them directly. Tell them about your news or just offer your insights as an industry expert.

If you provide valuable and unique information that is relevant to their audience, you just might get a feature story published right away.

Take Fast Action and See What Happens!

These are just three, simple small business PR ideas you can use to help boost positive awareness without spending a lot of money right now.

Create and distribute some newsworthy content, partner with a larger organization and contact media members directly. Take action and move quickly. This way, you just might be able to move some negative online comments down in the search rankings and boost your holiday sales in the process!

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