How Do You Hire?

Business stuck in a rut? Perhaps it’s not the economy, but your hiring techniques. You’re the boss: you want to do what’s right for your company by selecting a stellar staff. Your gut tells you to hire those with whom you get along. Too often, though, your staff resembles, well… you.

What’s the cost of hiring just one employee? More than $4,000, according to Plus, replacing a poor match tops $8,000.

“Even with the best intentions, hiring decisions are often based more on likeability and attractiveness than competence,” Dr. Kittie Watson, president and founder of Innolect Inc., tells PINK.  “Similar people make us feel good and add validity to who we are.”

“However,” she adds, “there is real value in diversity, even when it leads to disagreement and tension.” A diverse workforce offers a wider range of ideas, suggestions and points of view: when employees think the same, innovation and productivity suffer.

Don’t hire a clone! When everyone at your office conforms to the same rigid standards, your business may subject itself to a sort of “groupthink” mentality.

Looking for a fresh perspective? Search for at least 10 percent of your staff with different industry backgrounds. They’ll enter the job without preconceived notions.

Once you brainstorm a new employee profile, it’s time to hire. Hold a meeting with your HR department and staff recruiters.

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By Jennifer Gambrell

“I hire people that are brighter than me and then get out of their way.” Lee Iacocca

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