How To Be a Good Boss To Yourself

Going freelance is often seen as the ultimate luxury; no more commuting, the freedom to set your own schedule and, best of all, becoming your own boss. While it’s true that working for yourself is one of the most flexible career options, it is not without its drawbacks. With no one but yourself to shoulder the workload, going it alone can be extremely stressful. In order to ensure that working for yourself is as gratifying as it should be, it’s important to establish boundaries and strike a happy balance. Ready for some tips on how to be the boss that you deserve?

You Deserve: A Nice Office
There are certain things that employees can expect from their place of work: a comfortable chair, sufficient working space and adequate lighting to name but a few. These are all conducive to productivity and well being, and should not be neglected simply because you are working for yourself. As your own boss, it’s down to you to provide the office that you deserve, so spend some time creating a cheerful and inviting workplace that would meet – if not exceed – the standards of a regular office.

You Deserve: Plenty of Breaks
Whilst working your own hours is often considered a blessing, it can also be a curse. Without fixed start and finish times, lengthy periods of nonstop working go unregulated and often unnoticed. No good boss would let their employees work for ten hours solid without so much as a coffee break, and nor should you. If you’re the kind of freelancer who gets engrossed in her work and loses track of time, set an alarm every few hours as a reminder to take a walk. Breaks are crucial for productivity and should be factored into your schedule without compromise.

You Deserve: A Change of Scenery
One of the biggest downsides of going freelance is the loss of paid holiday and sick leave. Despite the financial implications, taking time off is crucial to avoiding burnout, so try to allocate a similar amount of holiday per year as you would with a regular job. If you’re just starting out and can’t afford too much time off, try to take a working mini-break instead. It’s best to use an email service that automatically synchronizes your emails, tasks, and contacts to every device, and enjoy a change of scenery while still being able to run your business from your smartphone or tablet. An option like this would be highly suitable for an updated email service.

You Deserve: A Supportive Team
Quitting the office job means leaving behind an immediate support network of managers, colleagues and friends. Working for yourself enables absolute creative freedom and independence, but there are times when it can be incredibly isolating, so it’s important to draw that support from other sources. In addition to friends and family, networking with likeminded freelancers is a great way to share experiences and learn from others. Search the internet for local events in your area, as well as for online discussion forums and communities.

You Deserve: A Bonus
A good boss knows the importance of giving praise and acknowledging hard work, and as a freelancer, it is once again down to you to give yourself a pat on the back. Running a business is tough, and whilst you will reap the financial benefits, it’s also essential to give yourself credit where credit is due. Each month, reflect on all your successes – big or small – and reward yourself accordingly. Massages, a facial or an evening at the theatre or even just a day off to read a good book are all nice ways to give yourself a bonus.

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