How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Is Writer’s Block A Big Problem for You?  Help is Here!

Is your content working for you? Got writer's block?You turn on your computer and stare at the monitor.
You write a few words. “No. That doesn’t sound right.” 
You stare at the monitor a little longer. You’ve got nothin’. 
Then, it hits you. Ugh! Writer’s block!

Has writer’s block happened to you?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. But, I do have a simple suggestion for you that may help. 
Before you start writing any copy, ask yourself this question:
What is the one thing you want readers to do after reading this content?
Do you want them to:

• Register for your newsletter? 

• Buy a specific product?
• Respond to a survey?
• Call a sales representative or something else?
By asking what you want readers to do for each piece of content you write, you’ll have a better idea of what to focus on and the correct messaging to share. 
And if you’re still not sure, ask yourself these questions: 

• What can I write to get readers to do this one, specific action?

• If I was a target audience-member, what kind of information would I need to do this specific action?

• How can I provide value to my target market while getting them to do this action?
Once you know exactly what you want readers to do, and the benefits they will receive by taking this action, it will be much easier to start writing.
And remember…

Keep Your Message Simple.

If you stick to one, key message for each content piece, you’ll help readers avoid confusion and know exactly what they need to do when they are finished reading. 

And more importantly, you can test the results for the specific message you are trying to convey. Simply check your analytics (via Google or another service) once you post your new content.

• Are readers doing the single, call-to-action you want them to do? 
• What changes can you make to the copy so that more site visitors take the action you want them to take?
Edit your content, test it and see if you get better results. Then, repeat the process.

Got Value?

Good copywriting is all about providing value to your customers. Stick to a single call-to-action for each piece of content, give your target audience-members what they want and test messaging for the best results. You’ll see writer’s block go away and sales increase!
Author Melanie Rembrandt is a published author, speaker and content strategy expert who helps entrepreneurs boost sales, awareness and credibility fast with a unique combination of targeted, SEO copywriting and public relations. For more information, tips and insights, visit
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