How to Personalize Your Home Office

Working from home is a perpetual balancing act between professionalism and comfort; work and play. As such, making sure your home office is the perfect environment from which to work effectively without losing the personality and charm of your home is a constant struggle for many home workers and digital nomads.

Home office design can not only help to make you more productive and positive at work but can also affect your brand, particularly if you entertain a lot of clients at home. Here, we’ll take you through a few the lease invasive and most profound ways you can personalize your home office without breaking the bank.

Flower power: Bringing a little touch of the outdoors indoors offers a gentle reminder to both yourself and your visitors that the outside world does indeed still exist. The best thing about flower arrangements is that you’ll also be changing them regularly – keeping your office looking fresh.

Snazzy stationery: Admittedly, the vast majority of work today will be done on the computer, but there is still a necessity for pens, pencils and tape in many lines of work (particularly in the creative industries). Personalized stationery that includes your branding and color scheme will help you feel more excited about putting pen to paper and will make your office feel more like ‘yours’. It’s not only your stationery that can be personalized either; personalized mugs and notebooks are a great idea for injecting a little personality into your office space.

Sideboards: Installing office sideboards to contain the various documents and stationery is also a solid option, as they also act as a perfect display. Decorate the top of the sideboard with accruements that accentuate your personality and the tone of your brand.

Inspiration: With so much of ours lives digitized, it can be incredibly freeing to include one aspect of your office that’s completely, unashamedly ‘old school’ and that’s what inspiration boards are for. Dedicate a corner or wall of your office to a board containing the art, quotes and books that inspire you. Posters can also provide and more affordable and less permanent alternative to framed pictures.

Everything else: Ultimately, your home office should be a reflection of your personality and your business. This means it should reflect what you offer and how you offer it. If you’re a freelance composer – hanging guitars and keyboards from the wall certainly wouldn’t look out of place. If you’re a writer, meanwhile, keeping bookshelves scattered around the office might help keep you grounded and focused on the task at hand.

Final tips 

  • Keeping a small snack fridge in the office full of healthy fruits and drinks will mean you can’t use “quickly heading to the kitchen for a snack break” as an excuse for avoiding work.
  • A small rug is an ideal addition to any home office area and can really help it ‘pop’.
  • Plan your office around natural light by placing your desk in a location that gets plenty of it.
  • Utilize bright colors as bland colors can catalyze boredom.
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