How to Plan A Wedding

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. You want the day to be amazing to reflect how excited you are to be marrying the love of your life and traditionally, brides take on the majority of the responsibility when it comes to planning the big day. However, there are ways in which you can cut down on these responsibilities to make the whole process a lot simpler for yourself. As long as you make it very clear to your guests, you could leave them to arrange their own accommodation and transport.

You could also do your own hair and make up or ask a friend to help, and don’t succumb to the pressure to lose weight as this only means you’ll need to have a million dress fittings and besides, they’re marrying you for you! Don’t make a seating plan; give your guests the freedom to decide for themselves and finally, leave your honeymoon until a couple of months later so you don’t have to plan both at once. Now, how to go about the things you do need to plan…

6 Months to Go
Planning should begin around 6 months before the wedding. Planning can become overwhelming quickly so make sure you tackle it in small chunks with plenty of breaks. Keep a binder of your plans so that you can keep track of the arrangements. Decide on your budget and send out your invites so that as many as people as possible will be able to attend. If you find yourself exceeding your budget at any point, you can always visit for financial help. Make sure your invites include any special details for certain guests such as the maid of honor, or people who you’d like to give toasts on the day for example. Next, book your venue and make sure it includes catering and decorations. Book any entertainment, your photographer and a florist too. And finally, book an officiant to do the deed on the day.

3 Months to Go
With three months to go, you can start to arrange some of the more exciting aspects. Order your dress, bridesmaid dresses and anything else you need for the outfits. Choose and order your cake including delivery details to the venue. Decide on a playlist if you’re having music and book your transport. You’ll also need to confirm menu choices with the venue and finally, choose your rings! You may need to have these custom-made so leave plenty of time.

1 Month to Go
One of the most important things to do is rehearse the schedule for the day, from when to walk down the aisle to when the speeches will take place. Knowing exactly what will happen on the day will help to ease any anxiety you have. Make sure everyone else who is actively involved is well aware of the plans too as you don’t want any surprises on the day. Finalizing arrangements with the venue and the entertainment. One of the most important things to do is to get your marriage licence and write your vows if you’re planning to have any. And finally, before the big day try to have a relaxing spa day to unwind from the stresses of planning and relax in time to enjoy the day. Taking your bridal party with you is a great way to get excited for the big event too.

Planning a wedding does take dedication and vigilance but there are ways to simplify it for yourself, for example by delegating some of the unnecessary responsibilities like organizing guests’ arrangements for them. Stay organised and approach things methodically to avoid a stress build up. Most importantly, make sure the schedule of the day is familiar to not only yourself but your guests too, so that there is no fear of the unknown. And finally, relax before the big day so that you can be present and enjoy your big day. For more organisational tips for women, take a look at

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